19 December 2011

10 Huge Dog Breeds

Some dogs are tiny, whilst others are huge. I've decided to put together a list of 10 huge dog breeds and have included photos. 

This isn't an official 'top 10' list as there are lots of really big dogs, however these are some that are at the top end of the list.

The ordering of the dogs isn't an indication of size.

1. Anatolian Shepard
The Anatolian Shepherd (also known as the Karabash) is a muscular breed of dog with thick necks, broad heads and sturdy bodies.    

Originating in Anotolia (central Turkey), the Anatolian Shepherd is used for guarding flocks of sheep, being able to stand up against wolves, horses, and surprisingly lions.
They have excellent hearing and sight, with outstanding strength.

According to Turkish shepherds, a pack of 3 Anatolian Shepherd is sufficient to fight off a pack of wolves with the ability to injure a couple.

Males stand at 26-31 inches and females at 27-30 inches. They weigh in the region of 90-150 lbs (41-68kg), males being on the larger side and females on the smaller.

2. Great Dane
 Copyright De la VallĂ©e des Eolienne breeding
The Great Dane (also known as the German Mastiff or Danish hound) is one of the tallest breeds of dog, recognized by many for its large size.

Males stand at 30-34 inches, females at 28-32 inches.
The tallest dog on record is held by a blue Great Dane named 'Giant George' who stands at an impressive 43 inches (110cm) at the shoulder!

Males weigh 120 lbs (54kg) upwards, females at 100 lbs (45kg) and upwards.

3. Irish Wolfhound
Credit to SheilaKane
The Irish Wolfhound is a sighthound (which use speed and sight primarily for hunting instead of endurance and scent).

They have very flexible backs and long legs, which they need for capturing fast, agile prey such as deer and hare.

They have very efficient lungs for sprinting and large hearts.
Irish Wolfhounds stand at 28-35 inches, males being the upper half and the females the lower.

They weigh in at around 90-150 lbs (40-68kg), males being the upper side and the females on the lower.

4. English Mastiff
The English mastiff is an extremely powerful breed of dog, with an enormous head and a huge robust body. Noted for its gentle temperament the mastiff has seen an increase in popularity since the 80's.

It is the largest dog breed in mass out of any other dog. A typical male can weigh anywhere from 150-250 lbs(68-110kg), and females at 120-200 lbs (54-91kg). The standard height for males are 30 inches (76cm), and for females 27.5 (70cm) inches for females.

Despite the fact that Great Danes and Irish Wolfhounds can be taller, many consider the English Mastiff to be the largest of all dog breeds because of its sheer body mass, and still very respectable height.

5. St Bernard
The St Bernard is a very big working dog from the Swiss and Italian Alps that is well known for it's popularity for mountain rescue.

It stands anywhere between 25.5-28 inches (61-71cm), and weighs 110-200 lbs (50-91kg).
The most famous St Bernard to have lived was a dog named Barry, with reports indicating that he saved 40-100 lives.

6. Greater Swiss Mountain Dog
The Greater Swiss Mountain dog (also known as Swiss cattle dogs) are originally from the Swiss Alps. There are four breeds of this dog, the Greater Swiss Mountain dog being the largest of the four.

They stand at 23.5-28.5 inches (60-72cm), and weigh around 130-135 lbs (59-61kg).
In the past they have been used as livestock guardian dogs, guard dogs, herding dogs and even dogs that pull small carts. 

7. Neapolitan Mastiff
Credit to Iscribbly
Neapolitan Mastiff's (also known as the Italian Mastiff) is a large breed of dog often used as guarding dogs because of their protective instincts.

They are seen as 'fearless' and rarely let their presence be known to intruders, as they prefer to sneak up on them.
Males stand at 26-31 inches (66-79cm), and females at 24-29 inches (61-75cm). The males weigh in at 130-155 lbs (60-70kg), and females at 110-130 lbs (50-60kg).

They are very intelligent dogs with a streak of independence.
They are very tolerant of pain due to the breed's early fighting background and the fact the skin is loose on the body, so it may be hard to know if anything is wrong with it. Routinely check-ups are recommended.

The record for the largest litter of puppies is held by a Neapolitan Mastiff which gave birth to 24 puppies!

8. Newfoundland 
The Newfoundland is a breed of large dog bred for fishermen as working dogs. They are recognized for their strength, size, even temperament and loyalty.

They excel at water rescue work and so are popular among lifeguards on beaches. In fact I once saw a video of a man vs Newfoundland to see who could rescue a person out in the sea the quickest.... the Newfoundland won. (The man was a strong swimmer as-well).

They stand at 27-29 inches (69-74cm) for males, while females stand at 25-27 inches (63-69cm).
Males weigh 130-150 lbs (60-70kg), females at 100-120 lbs (45-55kg). The largest ever recorded Newfoundland weighed 260 lbs (120kg).

9. Pyrenean Mountain Dog
The Pyrenean Mountain dog (also known as the Great Pyranees) is a large breed of dog used for livestock guarding.
Males grow to weigh at 110-120 lbs (50-54kg) and females at 80-90 lbs (36-41kg). Males stand at 27-32 inches (69-81cm) and females at 25-29 inches (63-74cm). 

10. Tibetan Mastiff
Tibetan Mastiffs are known for their guarding use, used for guarding livestock, properties, villages and the like. Normally in historical guarding, they would be tied to a rope outside a house as to deter intruders. In nomad camps and villages however, they are allowed to run loose at night.

In Mandarin Chinese, the name is (Zang'Ao), which means 'Tibetan Mastiff' or 'Tibetan "big ferocious dog"'.

The normal height for the breed is 25-28 inches (61-72cm), but males can be known to reach 31 inches and above. The typical weight for a Tibetan Mastiff is 140-180 lbs (64-82kg).

I don't claim ownership or credit for the pictures, all credit is reserved for the original owners. No copyright intended, if you have an issue with a picture that is present, then please contact me.
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